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Arch.jpg (105498 bytes) Versaille Statue.jpg (81507 bytes) Louvre.jpg (87089 bytes)
Construction of  the Arc de Triumph was commissioned by  Napoleon in 1806. It is 160 ft. high from base to crown. The grounds of the Palace of Versailles abound with monumental works of art. IM Pei's crystal pyramid is the centerpiece of the Louvre Museum's front courtyard.
Westminster.jpg (73532 bytes) White Tower.jpg (86285 bytes) Armor.jpg (77389 bytes)
Westminster Abbey, where kings have been crowned since 1066. Over 3,000 souls are interred inside the church. Tower of London's medieval White Tower. Built in the 11th century, it houses the oldest Norman chapel in England. Henry VIII's personal suit of armor on display in the White Tower. As you can see, he was quite a big man.
bridge.jpg (93447 bytes) ludwig.jpg (71954 bytes) Vcourt.jpg (109649 bytes)
The Pont Neuf Bridge, built in the late 14th century,  is the oldest in Paris and spans the River Seine. Ludwig Van Beethoven's death mask on display in Paris. Decorative inner courtyard at the Palace of Versailles.
fountain.jpg (94520 bytes) eifell.jpg (101191 bytes) notre dame.jpg (52098 bytes)
The Palace of Versailles' Fountain of Flora dates to 1672. A half-naked goddess reclines on flowers, while cupids weave garlands. The immense base of the Eiffel Tower. We ascended to the top, but, unfortunately,  visibility was poor. Notre Dame Cathedral's southeastern facade seen from the south bank of the Seine River.
Paris Tower.jpg (247625 bytes) Dragon Fount.jpg (146775 bytes) Promenade.jpg (151787 bytes)
A medieval tower encountered while strolling through north central Paris. At Versailles, the Dragon Fountain, constructed during the 17th century, depicts an episode from Apollo. The main water jet reaches 88 feet in height. Paris is a strollers paradise where promenades are meticulously landscaped with verdant plants and judicious placement of public art.
Wabbey East.jpg (147359 bytes) Tower Bridge.jpg (97037 bytes) Love Temple.jpg (169479 bytes)
Westminster Abbey's east facade. The church dates to the 11th century, and is the final resting place for 3,300 notable British citizens. London's Tower Bridge, completed in 1894, as seen from the south side of  the Tower of London. The center span is a draw bridge. The Temple of Love at the Palace of Versailles is located away from the main palace. Queen Marie Antoinette could see it from the window of her secluded bed chamber.
Louvre Pyramid.jpg (70344 bytes) Henry VII Chapel.jpg (131585 bytes) Hampton Clock.jpg (122781 bytes)
Architect I. M. Pei's glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Henry VII's Burial Chapel at Westminster Abbey. Begun in 1503, knight's flags hang beneath the spectacular Tudor vaulted ceiling. At Henry VIII's medieval Hampton Court castle, people gaze at one of the earliest known astronomical clocks, dating to 1528.
10 Downing.jpg (87102 bytes) Horse Guard.jpg (68314 bytes) Rodin.jpg (97058 bytes)
The British Prime Minister's residence at 10 Downing Street, London. A guard stands diligent watch at the Windsor's Royal Mews horse stable near Buckingham Palace. A Rodin sculpture in a small park on the Thames River. The British Parliament building is in the background.
Westminster Choir.jpg (127535 bytes) WM Memorial.jpg (92544 bytes) Hampton Court.jpg (76255 bytes)
The Westminster Abbey Choir at the center of the abbey's great nave. Inside Westminster Abbey, wall niches appear more like museum art than burial crypts. Main gate of Hampton Court Palace, home to Henry VIII who made it his residence around 1525. It is outside London on the Thames River.
Hampton Facade.jpg (83556 bytes) Henry VII Chapel 2.jpg (127950 bytes) Griffin.jpg (121076 bytes)
The front facade of Henry the VIII's amazing medieval Tudor palace, Hampton Court. Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster Abbey. The flags are Knight's coat of arms insignias. At the entrance to Hampton Court, a ferocious winged Griffin holds Henry VIII's coat of arms and puts visitors on notice.
Versaille Fountain.jpg (77752 bytes) Out Fountain.jpg (100097 bytes) Petit Trianon.jpg (90518 bytes)
The Palace of Versailles' grounds are littered with fountains and many great works of sculpture. Fountain on left in context to its surroundings, outbuildings in the Trianon area at the Palace of Versailles. The Petit Trianon Chateau served as a respite away from the main palace where the King could take a meal while strolling his property.
Love Temple 2.jpg (124760 bytes) Versailles Yard.jpg (79214 bytes) Versaille Lane.jpg (123565 bytes)
In the Trianon area at the Palace of Versailles, the Temple of Love. The main courtyard entrance at the Palace of Versailles, which Louis the XIV made his personal residence starting in the late 17th century. A peaceful strolling lane on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Magnificent plant specimens grow on the estate.
The Petit Trianon was constructed in the 1760's and was said to be Marie Antoinette's favorite spot to avoid public. It was said she would not even allow King Louis XVI to bother her when she was ensconced within. There are around 250 acres of formal gardens and treed lanes around the Palace of Versailles. King Loius XIV built the Grand Trianon out of marble to handle the extreme weather. He used it as a reclusive spot to relax. Napoleon occupied it from 1805 to 1815.
Detail of Moat and stonework at the Grand Trianon on the Palace of Versailles grounds. The building is faced with marble, as a previous design of porcelain facing could not hold up to the weather. An outbuilding at the Palace of Versailles located near the Grand and Petit Trianons. The Arc de Triomphe is France's premiere war monument. It especially memorializes  the Napoleonic Wars. Underneath the Arc is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the First World War. It was commissioned in 1806 and rises to 162 feet.
The Avenue de Champs Elysees, which the French say is the most beautiful street in the World. This view is from the top of the Arc de Triomphe around Christmas 1996. The Ritz Carlton Paris in Place Vendome. Arguably one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the World. Princess Diana stayed here before her death. The Pont Neuf Bridge was built in 1594 and is one of the oldest in Paris. It is really a series of arched bridges joined together to traverse The River Seine.
The Victoria & Albert Museum houses a large collection of Medieval stained glass. The Victoria & Albert Museum is the World's largest of decorative arts and design with 145 galleries under 12 acres. Its collections span 5,000 years from every area of the globe. Harrod's Department Store around Christmas. It is one of the largest in the World and their motto is All Things for All People, Everywhere.
Women of the World's Continents sculpture outside the main entrance to Musee D'Orsay in Paris. A sculpture gallery inside the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. A statue inside an ornate gallery in the Musee D'Orsay. The museum is world renown for it's impressionist painting collections.
Nubian Alligator Hunters sculpted in 1893 by Ernest Barrias is on display at the Musee D'Orsay. The figures are life size or larger. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci is one of the finest paintings in the Louvre Museum's extensive collection. Leonardo painted it from 1503 to 1519. The Louvre has a program that allows accomplished Artists to come in and copy the Masterworks.
The Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames near the Tower of London. It was built in 1894 and is a suspension bridge where the span can open up in the middle to allow ships to pass. View of The Tower of London Fortress from across the Thames River. In the lower right is the infamous Entrance to the Traitors Gate. Inside the structure of the Eiffel Tower and a view of the elevator that takes people to the top.
The immense base of the 1,063 ft high Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1889 and the metal structure (excluding concrete) weighs 7,300 tons. Famous aristocrats, poets, generals, admirals, politicians, scientists, and other notable people have been interred in Westminster Abbey down through time. The White Tower c. 1078 is the oldest keep in the Tower of London complex. The walls are made of imported French stone, which are 15 ft thick at the bottom and 11 ft. thick at the top.


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