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Europe 2 Photographs

Gargoyle.jpg (80625 bytes) Traitor's Gate.jpg (105208 bytes) Raleigh's Walk.jpg (115971 bytes)
A medieval Westminster Abbey gargoyle, which is actually an artistic rain spout. Riverside view of  the Tower of London's Traitor's Gate. Many came through from the river Thames, but few left alive. Sir Walter Raleigh's Walk at Tower of London. Held in the Bloody Tower for 15 years starting in 1603, he was allowed to exercise on this small walkway.
White Tower 2.jpg (98814 bytes) Traitor's Gate 2.jpg (103655 bytes) Tower Lane.jpg (106780 bytes)
The White Tower, oldest Castle and begun in 1080 at the Tower of London. The Crown Jewels Treasure House is on the right. Prisoners came by boat on the Thames River and entered the Tower of London, here, at the Traitor's Gate. This view is from inside the Tower of London. Inside the stone bulwarks of the Tower of London, we strolled along this spartan lane. Two Beefeaters, or tower guards, walk ahead of us on the right.
Westminster Tomb.jpg (71756 bytes) Abbey Nave.jpg (106894 bytes) Memorial Wall.jpg (59073 bytes)
A tomb inside Westminster Abbey, which is really an indoor cemetery. About 3,300 people are interred at the abbey. Congregation area in the Great Nave of Westminster Abbey. Famous British personalities are memorialized and interred inside Westminster Abbey.
Floor Crypts.jpg (70719 bytes) Nave Aisle.jpg (107244 bytes) Queen Scots.jpg (116083 bytes)
At Westminster Abbey, so many people are interred that floor crypts are used. Strolling down the Nave aisle at Westminster Abbey, burial crypts are to the left, right, and under foot. Mary Queen of Scots burial crypt at Westminster Abbey. An executioner chopped off her head in 1587.
St. Paul's Cathedral.jpg (61113 bytes) St. Paul's Crypt.jpg (72039 bytes) Buses.jpg (90486 bytes)
London's St. Paul's Cathedral dates to 1673. The dome is an architectural masterpiece.  A burial crypt lies beneath St. Paul's. Here, beautiful statuary marks the crypts of famous personages. Double-deck buses queue up in downtown London,  ready to acquire passengers.
Mirror Hall.jpg (98718 bytes) Versailles Statues.jpg (101489 bytes) Versailles Statuary.jpg (83413 bytes)
The Hall of Mirrors is one of the largest rooms at the main Palace at Versailles. It is replete with master works of art. Two statues commune where the Mansard roof line meets a balcony at the main Palace of Versailles. Artistic statuary line the large fountain to the rear of the Palace of Versailles. The main palace is in the background.
Versailles Statuary 2.jpg (70149 bytes) Notre Dame facade.jpg (108284 bytes) Notre Dame Door.jpg (173604 bytes)
Further away from the main palace at Versailles, we encountered this salty individual enjoying grapes by the fountain. The main entrance to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which dates to 1063. Notice the elaborate medieval carvings on the facade. Stone carvings over the main door of Notre Dame's Cathedral. Jesus is portrayed at the center. Religion ruled everything in medieval life.
Notre Gargoyles.jpg (101445 bytes) Notre Gargoyle.jpg (117423 bytes) Notre Dame Rear.jpg (139564 bytes)
Gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral hanging off the parapets and threatening passersby. An ancient, battered gargoyle at Notre Dame waits for rain to quench his thirst. Good study of beaten lead sheeted roof. The eastern back side of Notre Dame Cathedral as seen from a small park. Flying buttresses allowed Medieval builders to raise tall cathedral walls.
Notre Chapel.jpg (145388 bytes) Notre Dame South Facade.jpg (128351 bytes) Westminster Chapel.jpg (127018 bytes)
A Notre Dame Cathedral chapel. Chapels line the nave and were meeting places for medieval guilds, formal organizations of merchants and craftsmen. South facade of Notre Dame Cathedral on the Seine River showing the south transept's great circular stained glass window and flying buttresses. Rear of Westminster Abbey showing exterior of  Henry VII's  Chapel, which was completed in 1519. Henry's Burial Chapel is a masterpiece of medieval Tudor architecture.
Jules Verne Restaurant.jpg (132606 bytes) Berlin Wall.jpg (122514 bytes) Trench Signs.jpg (72085 bytes)
The Jules Verne Restaurant under one of the Eiffel Tower's legs. A small sandwich shop is on the left. A section of the infamous Berlin Wall, on display at the Imperial War Museum in London. World War I trench signs on display at London's Imperial War Museum.
London Chapel.jpg (106422 bytes) Luxembourg Fountain.jpg (133900 bytes) Luxembourg Palace.jpg (89656 bytes)
We came across this London Chapel located on the south bank of the Thames River while walking to the Imperial War Museum. Fountain and Sculpture on the grounds of Luxembourg Palace, a 17th century chateau and park in central Paris. It is now home to the French Senate. Luxembourg Palace, a 17th century chateau in central Paris. Parisians enjoy its park-like environs. 
Mona Lisa.jpg (78660 bytes) Venus.jpg (38552 bytes) Louvre Sculpture Court.jpg (72533 bytes)
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting draws a crowd inside the Louvre Museum in Paris. Venus de Milo is a world renown 2nd century sculpture of Aphrodite on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, a serene sculpture court awaits travelers weary from walking through miles of exhibits.
Louvre Sculpture.jpg (101269 bytes) Musee dOrsay.jpg (94799 bytes) Parliament.jpg (93624 bytes)
An example of high bas relief sculpture on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Inside the dOrsay Museum in Paris, home of the world's finest repository of Impressionist art. An antiquated gazebo of unusual design in a park west of the British House of Parliament in the background. 
Barley Mow Pub.jpg (111723 bytes) London Taxis.jpg (85283 bytes) London Toilet.jpg (63056 bytes)
The Barley Mow Pub in London. British socialize and take food and drink in many pubs throughout the city. A pair of the boxy, ubiquitous London taxi cabs. A typical London street toilet. Drop in a coin and enter. I found them convenient and sanitary.
Fish Monger.jpg (102293 bytes) London.jpg (108455 bytes) Double Deck Bus.jpg (89498 bytes)
A fishmonger sets up shop on Tachbrook Street in London. From atop St. Paul's Cathedral's dome, a view west into central London, which skirts the Thames River. The Putney Common double deck bus is a great way to see London.
Married Crypt.jpg (65181 bytes) V & A Sculpture.jpg (66956 bytes) Royal Insignia.jpg (148253 bytes)
Burial crypt sculpture of a medieval man and wife, on display at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. A marble statue on display at London's Victoria & Albert Museum. British royal insignia on the main gate of Buckingham Palace in London.
Parthenon Sculpture.jpg (78873 bytes) V & A Sculpture Gallery.jpg (115147 bytes) V & A Sculpture Gallery 2.jpg (102475 bytes)
Ancient Greek sculpture taken from the Parthenon pediment in Athens, on display at the British Museum in London. Sculpture gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Medieval crypt sculpture are displayed in the foreground. Another sculpture gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum. 
Typical London Row Houses that have been converted into businesses and apartments. Sculpture Gallery in the immense Victoria & Albert Museum. Well to do Medieval Gentlemen and Ladies had their likenesses sculpted and placed on their graves. Many appeared to be in a side by side sleeping repose.
Sculpture of Parthenon at British Museum depicting Lapith Man fighting a Centaur. Apparently, Lapiths invited the Centaurs to a party, but they got drunk and began hitting on their women, which precipitated a fight. The British Museum's Lindow Man was discovered in a peat bog in 1984. He was strangled, hit on the head, and his throat cut 2,000 years ago. He was mid-20's at his death. Part of the famous Elgin Marbles on display at the British Museum. They were pediment sculptures taken from Athen's Parthenon by Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin.
London Skyline from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral. Another view of London to the west of St. Paul's Cathedral. The River Thames is flowing on the left. The Samaritaine Department store and the Pont Neuf Bridge, built in 1594, in Paris.

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