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Spokane Ice Storm '96 Photographs

Corbin Park Area

Corbin Pine.jpg (201316 bytes) Corbin Tree 1.jpg (257792 bytes) CorbinPark1.jpg (242865 bytes)

CorbinPark2.jpg (257517 bytes)

CorbinPark3.jpg (247199 bytes) Corbin Park 4.jpg (259949 bytes)

Arched tree.jpg (224849 bytes)

Corbin House 1.jpg (178532 bytes) Corbin House 2.jpg (228984 bytes)

Corbin House 3.jpg (198635 bytes)

Corbin Trees.jpg (207828 bytes) Area House Corbin.jpg (225563 bytes)

Corbin Knockdowns.jpg (168636 bytes)

Corbin Clutter.jpg (285351 bytes) Corbin Storehouse.jpg (298862 bytes)

Corbin Torn Tree.jpg (246901 bytes)

Corbin Stripped Pine.jpg (211341 bytes) Corbin Tree Dump.jpg (237869 bytes)

Corbin Waverly Place.jpg (308233 bytes)

Corbin Tree Line.jpg (262212 bytes) Corbin Sprawl.jpg (241199 bytes)


Manito Park Area

Manito Cleanup.jpg (240359 bytes) Manito Pond 2.jpg (257980 bytes) Manito Pond 3.jpg (257908 bytes)
Manito Pond 4.jpg (218441 bytes) Manito Pond 5.jpg (152164 bytes) Manito Pond.jpg (218846 bytes)
Manito Pond 6.jpg (202894 bytes) Manito Pond 7.jpg (180008 bytes) Manito tree.jpg (224842 bytes)
Manito pond 8.jpg (234042 bytes) Manito Pond 9.jpg (232620 bytes) Manito Pond 10.jpg (222029 bytes)
Manito Pond 11.jpg (214790 bytes) Manito Road.jpg (227566 bytes) Manito Pond 12.jpg (181546 bytes)
Manito Tree Group.jpg (184180 bytes) Manito Cutters.jpg (184845 bytes) Manito Cleanup Army.jpg (218299 bytes)
Manito Island.jpg (130025 bytes) Manito Island 2.jpg (143503 bytes) Manito Barricade.jpg (229254 bytes)

Miscellaneous Areas

Little Spokane R..jpg (216482 bytes) Riverfront park.jpg (251190 bytes) Shady Slope 2.jpg (238612 bytes)
Little Spokane River. Riverfront Park. Shady Slope Road. 
Shady Slope.jpg (247946 bytes) Tree House 2.jpg (252387 bytes) Tree House.jpg (111943 bytes)
Shady Slope Road. Inundated north Wall St. house. Someone is at the door!
House south.jpg (176118 bytes) Clocktower.jpg (208892 bytes) River tree.jpg (217570 bytes)
Southside house disaster. Riverfront Park trail. Riverfront Park area.
Wall House.jpg (217699 bytes) Five Mile field.jpg (168889 bytes) Cemetery Tree.jpg (236450 bytes)
Different view of Wall St. Home. Field below Five Mile Bluff. Government Way cemetery.
Carousel.jpg (176726 bytes) Spokane Falls BLVD.jpg (275862 bytes) Overwhelmed Tree.jpg (260152 bytes)
Riverfront Park carousel. Spokane Falls Blvd. next to Riverfront Park. A typical bush overwhelmed by the ice storm.
Typical bowed tree in Corbin Park in north Spokane that was overcome by ice from the storm. View west of the pedestrian walk way that skirts the north bank of the south channel of the Spokane River as it meanders through Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane Washington. View east on the pedestrian walkway that skirts the IMAX Theater, which you can see on the left.
Typical ice storm knock down of tree in north Wall St area of Spokane. Shady Slope road was hard hit by tree fall in the aftermath of the ice storm. An uprooted tree on north Wall St near Whitworth College.
Shady Slope Road in north Spokane between HWY 2 and Little Spokane River Drive. The Little Spokane River basin near Midway Road north of Spokane. West side of Little Spokane River Drive just south of the Midway Rd junction.
The Little Spokane River basin just north of Pine River Park in north Spokane County. Bent over foliage on the banks of the Little Spokane River near Midway Road junction. A field on north Wall St with the Five Mile Bluff in the background.

Spokane Ice Storm '96 Photographs

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