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Yellowstone National Park Photographs

Mud Volcano.jpg (60167 bytes) Canyon.jpg (88234 bytes) Upper Falls.jpg (62127 bytes)
The Mud Volcano is caused by escaping sulphur gas and steam. It has a temperature of 189.5 degrees. The Grand Canyon of Yellow stone. It is up to 1,200 ft. deep and up to 4,000 ft. wide. Iron compounds color the canyon walls. The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. At 308 ft., one of the highest falls in North America.
Mammoth Hot Spring.jpg (84644 bytes) Tetons.jpg (82837 bytes) Firehole River.jpg (76605 bytes)
Heat, water, limestone, and rock fracture combine to create the terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs. Travertine is deposited as white rock; bacteria and microorganisms create brown, red, and orange colored highlights. The Grand Tetons, south of Yellowstone Park. From the left: Mt. Nez Perce, 11,901 ft.; Mt. Middle Teton, 12,804 ft.; Mt. Grand Teton, 13,770 ft.; Mt. Owen, 12,928 ft.; and Mt. Teewinot, 12,325 ft. A hot spring empties into the Firehole River at the Upper Geyser Basin. The Old Faithful Inn is in the background.
Two Springs.jpg (85490 bytes) Morning Glory Pool.jpg (59159 bytes) Mineral Runoff.jpg (85603 bytes)
Two hot springs located in the Upper Geyser Basin near the Old Faithful Inn. The Morning Glory Pool at Upper Geyser Basin. Mineral runoff from the Punch Bowl hot spring in the Upper Geyser Basin.
Norris.jpg (63157 bytes) Firehole Spring.jpg (75891 bytes) Canyon of Color.jpg (78447 bytes)
The desolate landscape of the Norris Geyser Basin. A geyser and hot spring formation near the Firehole River in the Upper Geyser Basin. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone looking down river from the Lower Falls observation deck.
Jenny Lake.jpg (53705 bytes) Lower Falls Framed.jpg (73274 bytes) Yellowstone Lake.jpg (41365 bytes)
Jenny Lake below the Grand Teton mountain range, south of Yellowstone Park. The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, framed by two Pine trees. I stood on the Fishing Bridge at day break and took this photo looking south where the river opens onto Yellowstone Lake.
Moose.jpg (30616 bytes) Dawn at Fishing Bridge.jpg (27923 bytes) Excelsior.jpg (40113 bytes)
At 6 a.m. near the Lake Hotel at Yellowstone Lake, a moose lumbers across the road. At dawn, looking north from the Fishing Bridge, which is located at north Yellowstone Lake. The Excelsior Geyser at the Midway Geyser Basin is one of the largest geysers in the world.
Midway Flats.jpg (57076 bytes) Fire.jpg (86199 bytes) Fire area.jpg (67131 bytes)
The Midway Geyser Basin flats. In the background is the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest in  the world. Trees blown down by a rare 1984 mountain tornado, then burned in a 1988 fire. The area is five miles east of Norris Junction. Area devastated by a tornado in 1984, then a fire in 1988, near the Norris Junction on the Grand Loop road.
Blowdown.jpg (117254 bytes) Norris Basin.jpg (71275 bytes) Fumarole.jpg (80304 bytes)
Blow down and fire devastation area near Norris Junction on the Grand Loop road. The Norris Geyser Basin has fumaroles, hot springs, and geyser formations. A fumarole and blue-tinged hot spring at the Norris Geyser Basin.
Norris Scape.jpg (100116 bytes) Porcelain Basin.jpg (66599 bytes) Mud Geyser.jpg (104525 bytes)
High altitude landscape of Norris Geyser Basin, but typical representation of general high country scenery. The great Porcelain Basin in the Norris Geyser area. Mud Geyser, located in southeastern Yellowstone near the Mud Volcano thermal area.
Calcite Springs.jpg (88448 bytes) Fishing Cone.jpg (91389 bytes) West Thumb.jpg (95421 bytes)
Looking south at the Yellowstone River from the Calcite Springs Overlook, which is two miles south of Tower Junction. Fishing Cone Geyser at West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone Lake, 7,733 ft. The Absaroka Mountain Range looms in the distance. The West Thumb Geyser Basin on the western shore of Yellowstone Lake.
Grotto Geyser.jpg (60247 bytes) Firehole R. area.jpg (106318 bytes) Morning Glory.jpg (80108 bytes)
The Grotto Geyser, one of the major geysers in the Upper Geyser Basin near Old Faithful. The Firehole River cuts through the Upper Geyser Basin near the Old Faithful Inn. The Morning Glory Pool, which is located at the north end of the Upper Geyser Basin.
Punch Bowl.jpg (89664 bytes) Castle Geyser.jpg (69402 bytes) Crested Pool.jpg (67338 bytes)
The Punch Bowl Spring in the Upper Geyser Basin region. The Castle Geyser, another major formation in the Upper Geyser Basin. The Crested Pool, which roils at over 200 degrees, is a feature of the Upper Geyser Basin. It is an infamous spring that has taken human life.
Upper Pool.jpg (84486 bytes) Lake Hotel.jpg (84029 bytes) Teton Range.jpg (105934 bytes)
A boiling hot mineral pool in the Upper Geyser Basin. The lake-side view of the Lake Hotel, on the east shore of Yellowstone Lake. It is one of the oldest lodges in America. The Grand Teton Mountain Range in late spring.
Teton Panorama.jpg (52086 bytes) Observation deck.jpg (97406 bytes) Grand Canyon of YS.jpg (100014 bytes)
A panorama of the entire Grand Teton Mountain Range. The observation deck at the brink of the 308 ft. Lower Falls. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
Falls Walk.jpg (97595 bytes) Sulphur Caldron.jpg (69554 bytes) West Thumb Basin.jpg (89967 bytes)
Yoshiko pausing for a break on the walkway leading to the Lower Falls observation deck. The Sulfur Caldron is just off the Grand Loop road and part of the Mud Volcano complex. The pool liquid is PH 1.2, which is equivalent to battery acid. The West Thumb Geyser Basin on the west bank of Yellowstone Lake. 
Norris Runoff.jpg (176056 bytes) Castle Geyser Trees.jpg (130677 bytes) Norris Thermal Pothole.jpg (110794 bytes)
Mineral runoff from a Norris Geyser Basin thermal spring. Trees in the Upper Geyser Basin near Castle Geyser really take a beating! A thermal pothole spring located at the Norris Geyser Basin.
Fire Damage.jpg (142489 bytes) Upper Basin Geysers.jpg (104536 bytes) Upper Basin Damage.jpg (132763 bytes)
Near Norris Geyser Basin off the Grand Loop road, this river canyon reveals extensive fire damage from the great Yellowstone fire of 1988. A couple of gnarly geyser formations in the Upper Geyser Basin, located near the Old Faithful Geyser and Inn. At the Upper Geyser Basin, the damaging forces of thermal gases wreak havoc on area plant life.
West Thumb Springs.jpg (111764 bytes) Teton Mountains.jpg (117912 bytes) Firehole Runoff.jpg (87469 bytes)
Spring and thermal pool formations at the West Thumb Geyser Basin, located on the western shore of Lake Yellowstone. Part of the Teton Mountain Range, Mt. Moran, on the right, rises 12,605 ft. At the Midway Geyser Basin, mineral runoff erupts out of gigantic Excelsior Geyser and pours into the Firehole River.
Midway Area.jpg (102089 bytes) West Thumb Desolation.jpg (149591 bytes) Upper Geyser Basin.jpg (164728 bytes)
Looking north from the Grand Loop road at the Firehole River, the gaseous Midway Geyser Basin looms in the distance. West Thumb Geyser Basin's thermal formations destroy the area's plant life, on the west shore of Lake Yellowstone. An overview of the Upper Geyser Basin. Old Faithful Inn is on the left and the Firehole River cuts through the center. 
Upper Basin Green Pool.jpg (117852 bytes) Grotto Geyser 2.jpg (110596 bytes) firehole River Bank.jpg (143558 bytes)
A greenish tinged thermal pool in the Upper Geyser Basin. Wind-blown gases have denuded the foliage from hillside trees. Another view of the Upper Basin's large Grotto Geyser. The deposits around the geyser's mouth are taller than a man. Across the Firehole River, minerals pour out of a large geyser and deposit as colorful stone on the river bank.
Old Faithful Area.jpg (212635 bytes) Upper Basin Overflow Channel.jpg (130983 bytes) West Thumb Thermal Pond.jpg (120342 bytes)
A panoramic overlook of the Old Faithful Inn, Old Faithful Geyser (white patch on left), Firehole River, and the south end of the Upper Geyser Basin. Cyanobacteria, accustomed to high temperatures, congregate in an overflow channel in the Upper Geyser Basin. A West Thumb Geyser Basin thermal pool, which is located on the west shore of 7,700 ft. Lake Yellowstone.
West Thumb Overflow.jpg (111304 bytes) West Thumb Coast.jpg (115597 bytes) West Thumb Minerals.jpg (150691 bytes)
Overflow channel at West Thumb Geyser Basin pours into Lake Yellowstone in background. The rugged, high-altitude western coastline of Lake Yellowstone near the West Thumb Geyser Basin. Mineral and cyanobacteria runoff at West Thumb Basin. Scientists research the bacteria, which may someday harbor medical breakthroughs.
Mammoth Terrace.jpg (129977 bytes) Terrace.jpg (115996 bytes) Mammoth Desolation.jpg (111837 bytes)
At Mammoth Hot Springs, magma heated ground water ascends through limestone, surfaces, and creates the colorful travertine terraces. A close up view of the terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs, which is located in northern Yellowstone Park. Near the main terrace, a smaller travertine terrace overwhelms plant life and wreaks destruction as it advances.
Mud Volcano Buffalo.jpg (128200 bytes) Mud Buffalo.jpg (101200 bytes) Mud Volcano Lake.jpg (123883 bytes)
Buffalo don't seem to mind the acrid odor of sulfur as they roam Mud Volcano's desolation. Area pools have PH of battery acid. A Mud Volcano fumarole emits gases on the lower left while buffalo saunter by in the background. In the Mud Volcano area, Sour Lake's greenish cast is due to bacteria and algae that live in its highly acidic waters.
Mud Moonscape.jpg (95111 bytes) Mud Caldron.jpg (87566 bytes) Mud Lake.jpg (78287 bytes)
The Mud Volcano region is known for its bizarre landscape, muddy pools, and acidic lakes.  A boiling caldron of mud is part of the Mud Volcano complex of fumaroles, mud pots, springs, and lakes. This forlorn lake displays the bizarre landscape characteristics of the Mud Volcano area.
Mud Geyser 2.jpg (145320 bytes) Calcite Overlook.jpg (147192 bytes) Mammoth Steps.jpg (131850 bytes)
Dormant Mud Geyser, part of the Mud Volcano complex, consists of steam vents and super heated pools of 196 degree water.  Looking north at the Yellowstone River from the Calcite Springs viewing area, which is two miles south of Tower Junction. Colorless view of  Mammoth Hot Spring's terrace of limestone travertine, which is super-heated mineral laden ground water that has surfaced and built up over the eons.
Main Terrace.jpg (115359 bytes) Minerva Terrace.jpg (122167 bytes) Mammoth Moonscape.jpg (107631 bytes)
The main Mammoth travertine terrace. On the right in the distance is the town of Mammoth Hot Springs. The Minerva Terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs. Stark landscape off the upper Mammoth Hot Springs terrace drive.
Road Rocks.jpg (156145 bytes) Grand Loop.jpg (191162 bytes) Norris Back Basin.jpg (123686 bytes)
We encountered strange geologic rock boulder formations on the Grand Loop road between Norris and Mammoth Hot Springs. Vacationers on the Grand Loop Road between Norris Basin and Mammoth Hot Springs. This view is looking east toward Mammoth. The remote, sparsely vegetated Back Basin at the Norris Geyser Basin.
Norris Back Basin 2.jpg (124555 bytes) Echinus.jpg (101601 bytes) Cistern Spring.jpg (100165 bytes)
Another view of the high-altitude Norris Back Basin area. Echinus Geyser erupts in a spectacular display for onlookers in Norris's Back Basin. The beautiful, secluded Cistern Spring in Norris's Back Basin. The spring is ensconced in a forest and not easily seen.
Steamboat Geyser.jpg (132460 bytes) Firehole Spring 2.jpg (126825 bytes) Great Porcelain Basin.jpg (135095 bytes)
Steamboat Geyser, one of the largest in the park, spouts over 300 ft. but eruptions are rare. It is located in Norris Geyser's Back Basin. Just off Firehole Lake Drive in the Old Faithful area is Firehole Spring, which spills mineral laden water on to the surrounding flats. Panorama of the Great Porcelain Basin at Norris. A plank walkway allows tourists to traverse it without corrupting the landscape or endangering themselves.



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